Newegg Daily Deals: Samsung 840 Evo 500GB SSD, Intel Core i5 4670K, and More!



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Dorito Bandit

DAAAAAAAAAAMN! FIVE WHOLE DOLLARS OFF THOSE SAMSUNG SSDs!? I'm jumping all over that. I'll get one and take that $5 I save and treat myself to an M&M Blizzard from Dairy Queen! Thanks for posting, Paul! YOU ROCK, BRO! :)

Kidding aside, there have been a few great deals lately on some SSDs and other components. Hopefully prices will continue to drop for us and stay there.



As a subscriber to Newegg newsletters. I received a coupon code for a Crucial M500 480Gb for $220. Crazy how SSD prices keep dropping. You all should subscribe :D



HeHe, I got the 240GB Crucial M500 for $115. Don't care about write speed that much.



So Maximum, how much did Samsung pay you to put that as their top deal with only 5 dollars off both SSD's? I wouldn't call that a deal, a deal would be maybe 40-50 off the 500GB.

Also, the ADATA dashdrive is sold out as of 10:43AM (EST).


Ghost XFX

They're practically handing that drive away at that price however. That's the lowest I've seen to date. Any lower, they'll be sold out by lunch time...



Absolutely nothing, nada, zip, and zilch. And feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but I do believe $265 for the 500GB model is the lowest price around.