Newegg Daily Deals: Samsung 840 Evo 500GB SSD, HGST 4TB NAS HDD, and More!



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My first SSD was the 256 or 250 Evo, dont remember exact spec. It is fast and worth it, however, for older games, i have a secondary mechanical hard drive as the install for any demos, "Titan Fall" like free games and older games in my library. The slower access time from the hdd does not make a huge difference since the rest of the system is made up of an i7 4770K, Evga 4gb 770 and G skill sniper ram all powered by a PC power and cooling 910wat psu. I do have BF3 on the EVO though, loads times are just to quick not to and other games like Witcher 2.

All in all, a worthy upgrade. When prices come down though, all of the Hdd data will be installed onto a 1tb Evo.


The Mac

i love my 1tb evo.

I get a work discount, so i managed to pick one up on sale for $400.



Perhpas this years Black Friday sale will garner a heavey discount on that $400 price tag, if so, i'll make some moves, till then, $400 can go to another Evga770 for sli or a new monitor, not 4k though, 1440p or at least something above 60hz.


John Pombrio

I have run both an 840 EVO and a 840 Pro 256GB in my main computer and both run pretty darn close to one another, enough so I could not tell which was which. If you are having a hard time choosing, the EVO is a good buy and worth the money.



My first SSD was an 830 Pro 256GB purchased two years ago. I've since bought four more Samsung SSDs for various rigs and I can say that not once have I been displeased with their performance or reliability otherwise. They've made some great products and constantly seem to be innovating their software at a high standard. Now, with the competition catching up performance wise, I find recurring deals on Samsung SSDs about every month (on NewEgg, Microcenter, etc.), and now they're hitting exceptional cost/GB price points. They are most certainly worth the money, now with the overall SSD market looking quite promising yet.



Still running my 2 y/o "vanilla" Samsung 840 250GB and honestly, couldn't be happier. I have no plans on/need to upgrade to either the EVO or Pro until I can afford/prices come way down on a 1TB so I don't have to worry so much about how many 30+ GB games are installed... :)


Dorito Bandit


I have the 840 Pro and so far it has been fantastic. It's also comforting to know it has a 5-year warranty, should a problem arise. I'll certainly be getting another SSD (or 2) within the next few months and will probably go with another Samsung. I've also got my eye on this SSD Decisions, decisions. :)

If you don't mind me asking, what mode are you running your Samsung SSDs in? I am currently running mine in Maximum Reliability mode. Haven't even tried any of the other modes, yet. I am also using the Magician software and tweaking things through it.