Newegg Daily Deals: Rosewill Blackhawk Ultra Gaming Case, Intel Core i3 3240, and More!



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Ghost XFX

If I had the money, that Blackhawk Ultra wouldn't be on my list...

That Corsair 750D on the other hand... You can't beat that price on your very best day.



3 new articles since Weds...all 3 are commercials for products. is even worse. 20 articles on main page, 18 are product commercials being passed off as knowledge pieces.

The Internet that I knew is dead.



It's a holiday weekend in the U.S. (Thanksgiving), and tech news is always slow/dead during the holidays. Some sites still post a few articles, but rarely are they breaking news stories -- they're mostly topics from earlier in the week that were missed, or otherwise low-level items of little interest (filler, basically). This isn't a new phenomenom by any stretch, it happens every year.

That said, we're monitoring the landscape in case something breaking does occur. It's unlikely because companies stop making announcements during the holidays and many of the tech bigwigs are home with their families where they can't say something silly that would land them in headlines, but if it happens, we'll cover it. In addition, we're continually updating our Black Friday Deals post, which is now morphing into a Cyber Monday Deals roundup.