Newegg Daily Deals: Battlefield 4 Razer Taipan Ambidextrous Mouse, Acer 27-inch LCD, and More!



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I just bought a Logitech G600 and hate it....

It's good for my caster in Rift but I don't like tanking with it
maybe I'll give it another shot but I like that G602 but won't buy one because of no left and right scroll.



Last year's BF3 mouse was much nicer looking with the actual soldier on the surface of the mouse. This year's BF4 mouse looks like utter crap. I mean, seriously? Blue rain with some orange lense flare? Seriously? No way man!



Screw the graphics, what about only 4 additional buttons and no DPI adjust? The summary say 9 buttons but they are including the middle mouse wheel button, LClick, RClick which every other mouse has. Then I assume there must be two additional buttons on the right side? How can you press those w/ your ring finger??? That's just awkward.

I use all the buttons and the DPI adjust on my g700. I guess you don't NEED to have that many but it certainly helps to have things like reload/run/aim/interact all at the press of a thumb.