Newegg Daily Deals: Asus RT-AC68U AC1900 Router, Intel Core i5 4670 (Haswell), and More!



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The February issue of MPC had a nice shootout of 802.11ac routers, and the RT-AC68U would probably have taken the top spot if it had been included.

The RT-AC68U/Motorola SB6121 combo is a great deal, but at the same time Newegg raised the price of the standalone RT-AC68U by $20 since last week. So if you don’t need a cable modem, you might be better off waiting for the promotion to end and see if the price drops back down.

BTW, this isn’t meant as a knock against Newegg. For all the work they’ve done against patent trolls, they deserve whatever success they can get.



Stay tuned -- we're working on getting our hands on the RT-AC68U for a standalone review.