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Ok, I have a question that I'd like some input on if someone has time:

I have a 660ti. My PSU is only 500 or 550 watt, so to go SLI, i'd need a bigger PSU AND to track down a 660ti card (no easy feat any more, at least last I looked)

Would I be better off both power and cost wise getting a 700 Series (or possibly waiting on an 800) and which card would I want to get?



I have the same card. Good luck finding another to SLI and the other guy is right about the problems with SLI. Always get the best PSU you can afford. Most 750+ PSU's will work for whatever you through at them, 650 would be the lowest I would go. Buy a reputable brand. I had an Antec 1000 crap out while still under warranty, and they replaced for free. Good Luck.



I have never had a super-seamless experience with SLI so I usually recommend against it. Some games don't support SLI, others are spotty in terms of performance gain. blah, blah, blah personal anecdotes ...

What I can offer here is that I just had a 560ti card go bad on me (one of the two fans gave out). I replaced it with a single 780 GTX (not the Ti version). The 780 is leaps and bounds better than the 560 Ti. Your card is only a generation behind so you won't see as large of a difference. But you wouldn't see enough of a difference in getting a 760-series card to justify the 'upgrade' - really you're looking at a 780 or higher to increase your performance.

This might seem wrong since the 660 Ti came out almost 2 years ago now. Graphics performance has become more efficient per watt, but not necessarily leaps and bounds more powerful in terms of real-world-gaming performance.

Depending on your power supply quality/efficiency you might be ok running a single 780 card in your rig, but I wouldn't try to SLI a few 180-watt cards kicking out heat in your case making that PSU even less efficient. Also keep in mind, the 780 cards are pretty long, longer than any of the 660 Ti cards, so make sure you measure twice before getting a different graphics solution.

I got the 780 two weeks ago. I had considered limping along until the 800-series came out, but I decided the waiting game wasn't worth it for me. To each their own. I'd replace that power supply if you are serious about eventually improving your graphics performance.



thanks for the info.