Newegg Hurts Best Buy's Feelings, Receives Cease and Desist Letter

Paul Lilly

Every PC enthusiast on the planet knows about Newegg. It's arguably the most popular online portal for PC parts, though the site's selection now deals with all sorts of electronics, including kitchen appliances. Newegg isn't as well known outside of power user circles, and so the company has been promoting itself through a series of TV ads, one of which ended up rubbing Best Buy the wrong way.

In the ad (see embedded YouTube video below), Newegg shows an employee wearing a blue t-shirt working at an unnamed electronics store getting caught with a deer-in-the-headlights look after a shopper asks him what the difference is between two laptops. He looks completely confused, at which point Newegg cuts to the end saying, " Come for the expert reviews, buy for the excellent prices."

Best Buy apparently felt as though it was hit below the belt and has swung back with a cease and desist letter, which Newegg defiantly posted on its Facebook page . The brick-and-mortar electronics chain says it's "concerned that Newegg's use of the Geek On Logo is likely to create confusion among consumers and to dilute the distinctive quality of the Geek Squad mark in violation of Best Buy's trademark rights," but what really has Best Buy in a tizzy is the advertisement above.

"We also recently learned that Newegg is running a commercial on television and YouTube depicting a blue-shirted salesperson in a store with a similar layout/color scheme to a Best Buy store, so as to represent a Best Buy employee," the letter reads. "The fake Best Buy employee is depicted as being slovenly and uninformed about computer products, in contrast to your employees who are portrayed as 'experts.'"

Best Buy went on to say that it found the campaign "particularly offensive" and that Newegg would be "equally offended if the tables were turned."

Is Best Buy being overly sensitive, or do you think Newegg crossed the line?

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