New Xbox 360 Update Adds PayPal Functionality

Brad Chacos

First, a confession: I'm an absolute Xbox 360 fanatic. I stream music and video from my computer to my TV almost every hour of every day using the thing, and I've dropped some serious cash on add-ons and accessory packs. I'm one of those suckers who bought Oblivion's "Horse Armor" pack. Unfortunately for my wallet, Major Nelson says the console's new update makes it even easier to spend money by allowing users to purchase Microsoft Points using PayPal.

While the announcement may not strike a chord with Xbox Live users who've already linked a credit card to their account, it's sure to bring joy to gamers who use disposable Microsoft Points cards to refill their virtual pockets. No more running to Wal*Mart at midnight just because you're 20 points short for a new Avatar accessory.

The update also includes an auto-standby feature that puts your 360 to sleep if it hasn't been touched for an hour, which is a welcome addition to the power-hungry console. The update's rolling out in waves, so if you haven't got it yet, don't worry – you will soon.

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