New WoW: Mists of Pandaria Trailers Show Off Gorgeous Scenery

Maximum PC Staff

As recovered WoW addicts, we're still not entirely sold on Mists of Pandaria as fuel to rekindle our old flame, but we are certain of one fact: we like pretty things. At the very least, WoW: MoP (which sounds like some sort of as-seen-on-TV miracle cleaning device) has some serious good looks going for it. The game engine may be rapidly approaching its eighth birthday, but you wouldn't know it based on Blizzard's stellar art direction. Gleaming green forests, towering Chinese temples, a dungeon full of knife-fighting monkeys – what else do you really need? A release date? Well, we don't have that. But we do have four trailers. That's better than one measly release date, right? Don't answer that.

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