New Windows Phone Commercial Boasts Love Affair with Microsoft Apps

Ryan Whitwam

Microsoft wants you to love the apps on your Windows Phone. In a new advert for Windows Phones we see what it can be like to love your apps. A somewhat depressed fellow is on his way out, and all his beloved Windows apps sulk around, knowing they’ll be left behind.

As our Microsoft hero walks out the door, he’s followed by Word, Outlook, Twitter, and all the rest. It’s like the end of Casablanca. Two ships passing in the night and such. Just as you fear the goodbye is coming, something magical happens. This Windows Phone loving dude shows his beloveds that he, in fact, has a Windows Phone. You think they’d have known that.

Ecstatic, the apps all run down the stairs to do… whatever it is apps in corporeal form do to people. Doesn’t matter, they all seems really happy. Is this all some fantasy world where people love their WinMo apps? Or is it maybe just your future? Check out the vid for yourself at the link.

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