New Windows 8 Blue Leak Confirms Additional Features

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Microsoft just can’t seem to keep a secret these days.

Microsoft has a security problem, and as a website devoted to PC technology we have absolutely no problem with that. Two new leaked builds of Windows 8.1 (Blue) have emerged online, and we've had a chance to check out what’s changed. Experts with inside sources at Microsoft have confirmed that these leaks are still not feature complete, but with a public preview expected sometime in June, we won’t have to wait much longer. So what’s new?

Kiosk Mode

Anyone who has visited a Best Buy to check out new PC’s will know exactly why this feature is needed. Half the time floor models are either locked up, blue screened, or barely functional. The other fifty percent of the time they are shut down and unplugged. Windows 8.1 Kiosk mode will present potential customers with a “single immersive app experience”, allowing them to swipe around the interface without getting into trouble.

All Apps

Looking for an application installed on your machine, but can’t remember what its called? All apps will add an option to the start screen to see everything installed on your PC, and sort by date installed, most used, size, etc. You can bring up a list of all apps now by selecting search from the charms bar, but you can only see an alphabetical list currently.

Modern UI Synchronization

Settings already synced across PC’s in Windows 8 if you’re logged in using your Microsoft account, but now your start screen moves across as well. Log in from any PC, and feel right at home. This makes perfect sense, and we were sort of surprised this functionality wasn’t available at launch.

Rumor: Start Button and Boot to Desktop

Neither of these features are in the leaked build, but we have it on good authority that the start button and boot to desktop are both returning to Windows 8 Blue. The start button won’t bring back the start menu, and boot to desktop is easy to accomplished with third party tools, but these small concessions make a huge difference when you look at enterprise customers.

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