New VIA Chipset Promises Smooth Online HD Video Playback

Paul Lilly

How's that netbook working out for online 1080p HD content? Probably not so well, which gives VIA reason to tout its new VX900 chipset . According to VIA, this full featured single chip solution takes the jitters out of HD videos when coupled with the latest VIA Nano-3000 series processors.

"VIA's trail-blazing VX900 will bring welcome relief to those pining for the best view of HD video online," said Richard Brown, Vice President of Marketing, VIA Technologies. "The VIA VX900 represents the most complete solution for HD digital content consumption on the market today."

At the heart of the VX900 is VIA's ChromotionHD 2.0 video engine, which features hardware acceleration for H.264. VIA promises smooth playback of 1080p video "without incurring a heavy CPU load."

Other features include support for DDR3 memory up to 1066MHz, a Chrome9 HCM 3D integrated graphics core, DX 9.0 support, and a 128-bit 2D engine with hardware rotation capability.

Video Demo

Image Credit: VIA

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