New Version of Dropbox Adds Automatic Photo and Video Uploads

Paul Lilly

Google Drive is the new online storage locker everyone is talking about, but lest anyone forget about Dropbox, there's a new version available that ups the stakes with the ability to automatically upload photos and videos from just about any digital camera, tablet pc, smartphone, or SD card. There's also a new Photos pages on Dropbox's website where you can view all of your uploaded snapshots.

"Getting pictures off your camera has always been a huge pain. So we put our heads down and worked worked worked to ensure that automatic upload would play nicely with anything that might have a photo or video on it," Dropbox explains in a blog post . "With the newest version for Mac or Windows, you can just plug your camera, phone, or SD card into your computer and with a few clicks of the mouse all your photos and videos are in your Dropbox!"

Photos and videos tend to take up more space than Word documents, so to sweeten the deal, Dropbox will give you 500MB of additional free storage space for your first automatic upload and will keep stretching the online container 500MB at a time, up to 3GB extra, pro bono.

You can download Dropbox 1.4.0 here .

Image Credit: Dropbox

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