New Version of Chrome Sandboxes Flash

Ryan Whitwam

Flash is often the villain in any tale of technological woe. It eats battery, hogs resources, and can even make your system vulnerable to malware. Well, the new version of Chrome can at least address that last issue. The version of Chrome for Windows that was just pushed to the beta channel sandboxes Flash and other plug-ins so they are less able to harm your system. Any malicious code will be unable to spread beyond the tab it enters through.

Google has been talking about making this change for months now. Google recognizes that plug-ins are a real security threat, and if Chrome is to keep accumulating market share, they need to address it. Chrome will now keep Flash up to date in the background in the same way the browser itself is kept updated.

Flash might not be perfect, but we support any effort to make it safer. What's your impression of Flash and Adobe's commitment to security these days?

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