New Study Puts America at Number 1 in Business Broadband


"We're number 1! We're number 1! We're number 1!" According to a new study, U.S. businesses can rightly chant being No. 1 when it comes to broadband integration. The ranking comes even after deducting numerous hours spent surfing on Facebook and YouTube.

Leonard Waverman, dean of the Haskayne School of Business at the University of Calgary, developed the measure, which he refers to as the " Connectivity Scorecard ." The scorecard compares countries and looks at how consumers, businesses, and government put communication technology to economically productive use. Out of 25 countries ranked, the U.S. came out on top, besting even South Korea where more homes are equipped with broadband than in the U.S.

"Korea has great broadband to the house, but businesses in Korea don't use the best networks and don't have the skills and computing assets they need to take advantage of them," Waverman explained.

Immediately behind the U.S. in Waverman's rankings were Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, and the Norway. Korea, meanwhile, ranked 18.

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