New Soprano Case from Thermaltake is "Plain Yet Sophisticated"

Paul Lilly

Taking a page from Apple's iPad marketing team, Thermaltake newest iteration of its once popular Soprano case isn't being called the Soprano II, but is dubbed " New Soprano ." It looks very similar to the old Soprano, though slightly refined (aesthetically) and updated for today's hardware with USB 3.0 support, a top-mounted hot swappable drive docking station, and other amenities.

Thermaltake said it was going for a plain yet sophisticated look, fusing conventional PC design with a contemporary flair. The curvacious aluminum front bezel swings open to reveal four 5.25-inch drive bays and a single 3.5-inch drive bay. Inside are five more 3.5-inch bays that also support 2.5-inch HDDs/SSDs. There are seven expansion slots, cutouts for cable management, an all-black interior, and sound-dampening foam to keep the noise level down.

Cooling chores are handled by a front-mounted 200mm blue LED fan (included), bottom mounted 120mm intake fan (optional), and rear-mounted 120mm exhaust fan (optional). Thermaltake will also sell a liquid cooled version.

The new Soprano will be available in white or black, though when or for how much is not yet known.

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