New Skyrim Footage Packed with Wolf-Kneeing Action, Giant Spiders

Maximum PC Staff

The Elder Scrolls series is among our favorites, but it's definitely not perfect. Exhibit A: combat. It's sort of like beating up a cardboard box, only to come to the terrifying realization that you were the cardboard box all along . Fortunately, this new Skyrim trailer – still mint-in-box from Bethesda's Comic-Con showing – has us hopeful that Bethesda's finally taking fight lessons from something other than one of those bouncy inflatable toy clowns. Which sounds great, but means that going toe-to-oh-holy-lord-what-is-that with giant spiders will probably be more terrifying than an army of real clowns. Still though, you can knee wolves now. Right in the face. A fair trade-off, we'd say. And dragon fights. Oh man, dragon fights. Check out the full trailer after the break.

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