New SandForce SF-2000 Controller Adds 6Gb/s SATA Support

Paul Lilly

SandForce changed the SSD game by kicking out high-end controllers without the stuttering problem that plagued early drives. Now the company is taking things to another level by announcing the availability of the SF-2000 controller with a native 6Gbps SATA host interface.

The new controller is capable of 60,000 sustained random read/write IOPS and sequential read and write speeds up to 500MB/s, all without any DRAM cache.

"Eighteen months ago, SandForce transformed the data storage industry by being the first company to demonstrate ground-breaking SSD Processor technology that enables MLC flash to be used reliably in enterprise-class SSD applications with world-class performance," said Michael Raam, President and CEO for SandForce. "We are building on the success of our first generation product now in production with multiple Enterprise OEMs by introducing the SF-2000 family that offers significant feature and performance enhancements for our rapidly expanding customer base of trusted SandForce Driven Enterprise and Industrial SSD manufacturers."

On the engineering side, the SF-2000 features support for advanced 30nm and 20nm class Flash with Asynch/ONFi2/Toggle interfaces with data rates up to 166MT/s, enhanced dual-ported SAS bridge support, TCG Enterprise security with selectable multi-banded 256/128-bit AES encryption, an advanced ECC engine, and power and performance throttling options.

It all adds up to a worthy upgrade to previous SandForce controllers, which are found on many of today's faster performing SSDs.

Image Credit: SandForce

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