New Rumor Hints at Interoperability Between Current and Next Generation AMD Videocards


AMD surprised the gaming community by releasing its HD 4850 a full week ahead of schedule , and with the HD 4870 only days away from an official debut, it's already too late for an encore. That's okay because AMD might have another trick up its sleeve, this one more surprising than the last.

According to reports, you may be able to mix and match Radeon 4xxx videocards with the 3000 series. " Since they're both DirectX 10.1 parts, there is no reason why those two should not work together. We will not qualify this interoperability, but who stops you from trying? ," an un-named source close to AMD was quoted as saying, according to Theo Valich at TG Daily .

If true, upgraders won't have to sell, give away, or otherwise retire their old GPUs, and instead use them together in a CrossFire configuration. Whether or not pairing a previous generation videocard with a next generation one ultimately yields a worthwhile performance boost remains to be seen, and one we'll be sure to update as more details emerge.

Image Credit: AMD

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