New "Quick Ship" Gaming Notebooks from AVADirect Arrive in 5 Days or Less

Paul Lilly

With barely more than a week to go before Christmas, AVADirect announced a line of pre-configured, "Quick Ship" gaming notebooks the Ohio-based boutique system builder promises it can process to ship to customers' door in five business days or less. The obvious drawback is that buyers aren't able to customize these ready-to-ship systems, but they also won't have to wait 10-14 business days, as is typical of a custom notebook.

"Previously, AVADirect would use Clevo notebook barebones to create custom solutions by implementing name-brand parts to create a high quality product with AVADirect's craftsmanship as the end result. After several well established partnerships, AVADirect is capable of providing these similar solutions in an expedited fashion with practically no extra charge to it's customer base," AVADirect explains .

"Customers who decide to choose Quick Ship Gaming Notebooks will not have the ability to choose specific brands of hardware, but will have several choices to choose from, still providing custom solutions AVADirect has made it's name for. Those who decide to take advantage of Quick Ship Gaming Notebooks will most likely care less about specific brand name parts and more about the usual 10-14 business day time frame that AVADirect requires for all custom solutions," the boutique builder added.

Quick Ship configurations are currently available for Clevo P150HM, P170HM, P180HM, and X7201 notebooks. Out of the four available models, the least expensive is the 17.3-inch Clevo P170HM, ($1,349).

Image Credit: AVADirect

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