New Powermark Utility is Like PCMark for Laptop Batteries

Paul Lilly

Futuremark, makers of popular benchmarks like 3DMark and PCMark, today announced a new software metric called Powermark. The Finnish software maker describes Powermark as a new battery life and power consumption test for Windows 7 notebooks, laptops, tablets, and other battery powered devices.

"Battery life is critical to delivering a positive user experience. Powermark helps PC industry OEMs and their suppliers strike a balance between performance and power consumption by providing a consistent, accurate and reliable testing and measurement tool created with Futuremark’s deep experience in quality benchmarking software," Futuremark CEO Jukka Mäkinen said .

Powermark includes a set of standard tests based on productivity and entertainment use-case scenarios, though it can also be configured with custom settings by the end-user.

Futuremark is only making Powermark available to business customers at this time and the steep price reflects that. Powermark Professional Edition commercial licenses start at $200 for 10 activations.

Image Credit: Futuremark

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