New Opera Build (Version 10.63) Now Available for Download

Paul Lilly

Looking to change it up a little? Hey, change is good (imagine wearing the same pair of briefs everyday), and if you've got a hankering to shelve Firefox or Chrome for awhile and try something new, now is as good of a time as any. Opera Software just updated its Opera browser to version 10.63 with a new JavaScript engine that's supposedly 50 percent faster than in Opera 10.50.

The latest release also includes enhanced support for advanced Web standards, like HTML5 and WebM video, search suggestions for selected providers has been fine tuned, and Opera can now prompt you to share your location to make better use of geolocation-supporting sites.

In addition, Opera Software vaporized a box full of bugs, everything from goofiness with the user interface (no more Opera Link freezing on startup, for example) to a handful of security fixes.

Video below (turn AdBlock off if you can't see it, or better yet, disable AdBlock altogether for

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