New Norton Public Betas Now Available, Compatible with Windows 8.1

Paul Lilly

Keep the bad guys at bay

Let's face it, nobody actually likes paying for security software, and if you're adamant against it, there are certainly plenty of freebie options at your disposal. The benefits of a paid suite, however, are that they typically offers more robust features and you only have to worry about managing a single program versus several. There is a third option. If you want the best of both worlds and aren't afraid to trust your security to pre-release programs, beta releases are your calling card, and Symantec has some new options to choose from.

Symantec just released public betas of the latest versions of its Norton 360, Norton Internet Security, and Norton AntiVirus products, all up for grabs for free. What's more, Symantec claims each one was designed for compatibility with Microsoft's upcoming Windows 8.1.

There are three notable areas of improvement in the betas. The first is in offering stronger protection though improved effectiveness of reputation-based (Norton Insight) and behavioral-based (SONAR) engines. Secondly, Symantec said it lowered memory usage and improved file copy speeds. And lastly, Symantec tweaked its Norton Identity Safe technology for better stability, improved form-filling, better cross-platform functionality, and more.

If you're interested in any of this, you can grab the free betas from the Norton Beta Center .

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