New MvixBOX NAS Dishes Out 2TB of Web-Enabled Media Streaming

Paul Lilly

Mvix just released its MvixBOX WDN-2000, the newest NAS in the company's lineup. The two-bay device supports SATA drives up to 1.5TB (not included), or host up to 2TB in combined storage. The dual-drive setup can be configured in a mirrored RAID array, and both front and rear USB 2.0 ports ups the potential storage ante even further. But that's just the beginning.

A gigabit Ethernet port makes easy work out of streaming oodles of files, including high definition video, through your home network, and the device also serves as an RSS client, BitTorrent client, iTunes music server, or uPnP media server, along with file encryption for local ore remote access via FTP or HTTP. Still yet, the MvixBOX comes pre-configured with Apache, MySQL, SQlife, and PHP modules.

The MvixBOX is available now for $300 sans hard drive.

Image Credit: Mvix

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