New MSI Afterburner Beta Introduces Kepler Support For Intrepid Overclockers

Brad Chacos

If those spiffy new Kepler-based GTX 680 graphics cards do in fact end up hitting the streets tomorrow, as has been widely rumored, enterprising overclockers will no doubt be looking to tweak their new hardware to even higher levels of performance. Boosting core frequencies should be a cinch for owners of MSI-brand GTX 680s; the company joined forces with Guru3D to release a new Beta version of its Afterburner overclocking utility, complete with support for Kepler GPUs.

Here's a list of changes in the MSI Afterburner 2.2.0 Beta 15, according to its download page on Guru3D :

  • Added NVIDIA Kepler graphics processors family support
  • Added GPU power consumption monitoring for NVIDIA Kepler series graphics cards
  • Added, core clock offset, memory clock offset and voltage offset support for dynamic overclocking on NVIDIA Kepler series graphic cards
  • Fixed issue preventing applying new settings from control shared memory
  • Fixed issue with video capture timer display, causing hours to be incremented erroneously after each 6 minutes of videorecording
  • Skin format reference guide has been updated to v1.5 to document new indicator types support
  • Added new "Force fan speed update on each period" option to the "Fan" tab. New option may improve compatibility of software automatic fan speed control mode with some bugged display drivers, overriding manually programmed fan speed under certain conditions

That's well and good, but in a forum thread created to support the Beta , developer Alexey Nicolaychuk said that this will likely be the last public Beta for any Afterburner offerings. Future updates will probably be official releases only, with all beta testing taking place in private.

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