New Movies Could be Available On-demand, for a Price

Ryan Whitwam

Your on-demand movie selection may be about to get a lot more interesting . According to some industry rumors, Disney, Fox, Paramount, Sony, Universal and Warner have agreed to consider releasing movies to video on-demand services provided by cable companies early. This may mean getting access to films a mere 30 days after wide release, but at a high cost. The figure being floated is $20-30. It could happen as early as Fall 2011.

Movie theaters are likely to feel threatened by this move. Much of the revenue from a film is generated after the initial release. Another potential victim is the plethora of digital video services like Netflix and iTunes. These services often find themselves dealing with long delays before they have access to movies as it is, this new VOD policy could hurt them further.

We also suspect this will be a time the studios will employ Selectable Output Control, as the FCC recently approved . Is this a service you'd be interested in? How much would you pay to see a film while it was still in theaters?

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