New Microsoft Security Essentials Beta is Available

Ryan Whitwam

Ah, Microsoft. It's taken the software giant years to wise up and realize they ought to provide a free antivirus solution to their users. The launch last year of Microsoft Security Essentials gave us hope that Microsoft was getting serious about security. While they haven't really pushed the program, it's is at least available. Now a new beta for the Security Essentials suite is available for you to download and try out.

The improvements range from humdrum tweaks like firewall integration during setup, to more necessary updates like a faster, more efficient protection engine. The new beta will also integrate with Internet Explorer to detect web threats. Yes, you probably don't use IE, but most people still do. Security Essentials will moreover be able to detect and block local network-based attacks.

We've always found Microsoft Security Essentials to be an excellent free antivirus program that bests many of the more bloated paid apps. We just wish Microsoft would integrate it with Windows. People should have a real AV application when they start up a new PC. No more of this trialware junk. Go straight here to join the beta.

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