New Look YouTube is More Web 2.0ish

Paul Lilly

YouTube's daddy (Google) shoved a fistful of cash into the streaming video service's pocket and told it to get a haircut. But why stop there? Google's bank account is plenty big enough to fund a full makeover, and that's exactly what YouTube got. The new look starts with a brand new homepage, and continues with a Channel. design and fresh coat of digital paint.

The homepage doesn't just look different, it's redesigned in a way that supposed to "help you get more into YouTube." A customizable sidebar on the left side lets you add Channels and also integrates with Facebook and Google Plus.

Google also updated the Channels themselves and created new templates "to meet your needs whether you produce one video a week or have thousands of videos for a fan to browse." On top of it all is a new color scheme that's an evolved version of YouTube's experimental Cosmic Panda design introduced in July. Thumbnails are bigger and sit on a gray background, the the watch page is more streamlined.

Go give it a peek and tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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