New Kingmax UI-03 Is A Flash Drive... And A Paperclip?!

Brad Chacos

Don’t let the clean, neat wires and airflow-maximized layouts of our “Build It!” projects fool you: your Maximum PC editors aren’t necessarily neat freaks – you did see “ Inside The Bags of Maximum PC Editors ,” right? – but we love us some efficiency. So, apparently, do the engineers at Kingmax. The company’s new UI-03 USB drive has a paper-clip-mimicking hook on the back, so you can, um, store files and collate papers on the run AT THE SAME TIME.

The UI-03 is being added to Kingmax’s “Urban Series,” which gives flash drives wacky looks. And hey, if the design alone isn’t a wacky enough look for you, it comes in vibrant blue and orange colors (as you can see in the pic), while the hook-clip on the backside is white. So it can hold your papers together: what does the UI-03 bring to the table as an actual flash drive? Kingmax claims it’s both waterproof and dustproof and comes in 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB or 32GB sizes. Sorry, speed fans – this one’s USB 2.0 only.

All joking aside, this may come in pretty handy for hardcore desk jockeys -- depending, of course, on how much it costs. The press release gives no word on pricing or a release date.

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