New iPod Nano Watch Strap Arrives Courtesy of iLoveHandles

Ryan Whitwam

Okay, come on. You knew this was going to happen. No sooner did Apple announce a new version of the iPod Nano that looks vaguely like a watch, than users started thinking about using it as a watch. Now a company called iLovehandles has released a product to fill the need. Behold the "Rock Band". While we may question the utility of the product, you can't argue with the genius of that name. Although, the Harmonix people might have a problem with it.

For a mere $19.99, you can get a watch band that has the appropriately sized divot for the Nano to fit snugly into. The iPod is obviously sold separately. The PMP has a clip on the back, and can be set to display a clock each time it is woken up. It looks a little big for a watch, but honestly, we expect to see people actually doing this. Are you cool with this, or is it just another sign that people have too much time on their hands?

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