New iPhone Hacked Using Same Method for First iPhone


The latest version of the iPhone has been unlocked, using the same trick as was used on the original iPhone. It involves using a special SIM card adapter that makes the phone think it's on an approved network. TechGuru , a Brazilian blog, posted the first report and Gizmodo checked the process out and confirmed it.

So Apple and ATT are foiled again. I have to wonder if they even really cared, since folks were able to use the exact same method to unlock the phones as was used on the original iPhone. They may have felt it was just inevitable that the phone would be hacked again.

The debate is firing up if ‘carrier exclusives’ are a good or bad thing. Some argue that without official carrier support, some of the greatest features like Visual Voicemail wouldn’t exist. Other’s want to be able to be able to use the iPhone in areas where ATT doesn’t offer service and feel the iPhone should be available to whatever carrier they want to use it on. Where do you stand?

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