New Hybrid Electric Bike is a "Beast"

Paul Lilly

M55 Bikes has finally stopped talking about " The Beast " and delivered the aptly named hybrid bicycle featured on Yanko Design's website earlier this month.

The Beast represents M55 Bikes' new flagship model and is supposedly the result of four stages of evolution. Armed with an EB-PC motor with 5.2Nm torque, riders will get a boost when needed, as determined by a sensor. Apparently the thing goes up to 40MPH with a single charge propelling riders up to 75 miles, even when trekking off the beaten path.

Stopping power comes courtesy of Brembo, the same brake company you'll find on some Formula1 cars, but not on bikes (until now), M55 says.

Plenty of photos to gawk at here .

Image Credit: M55 Bikes

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