New HP PC Monitor Gets Slimmed Down

Ryan Whitwam

You might have the fastest, sleekest gaming tower in existence, but that pudgy, unsightly monitor is probably bringing you down. Maybe it's time for something with design sense. That's what HP is hoping for with the announcement of the new x2301 desktop monitor . HP put this baby on a crash diet, slimming it down to a mere 0.39-inches thick.

The screen clocks in at 23-inches diagonal, and 1920x1080 resolution like most monitors in that size range. That super slim design was accomplished by moving many of the internal components to the base, which is now more than just a chunk of plastic holding the monitor up. HP has jazzed it up a bit with some blue accents, perhaps to remind us it contains important bits now.

This design doesn't come without its share of tradeoffs, though. The panel itself will have a humble 72% color gamut and respectable 3ms response time. Although, with the aid of LED backlighting, HP claims an 8,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. We know these numbers are mostly bluster, so let's just say it has really black blacks. The monitor goes on sale June 10 for $280. Interested?

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