New Gmail Feature is Hoping to Steal Users From Hotmail, Yahoo, and AOL

Maximum PC Staff

Webmail frees internet users from the shackles of their ISP’s, but over time, our investment in these services tends to turn into its own form of baggage. Years of past emails, contacts, and even the address itself often holds us hostage, and keeps us from making the plunge to superior services such as Gmail. This all appears to be changing today with a new tool being phased into Gmail , which will allow users to seamlessly import all the information from a previous account, and even allow it to fetch email from services such as Hotmail, Yahoo, and AOL for 30 days, making the switch even easier.

The feature is already enabled for new users, and will be rolled in for existing customers over time. Previously, Gmail was only capable of fetching mail from email services employing web standards such as POP, leaving Hotmail, Yahoo, and even AOL in the clear. It will be interesting to see if this new feature will make those pesky invitations more appealing to new users.

What is your favorite webmail service?

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