New Foxconn Factory Jobs Draw Huge Crowds in China

Ryan Whitwam

More likely than not, the phone or tablet you have sitting nearby was assembled in mainland China at one of the mega-facilities run by companies like Foxconn. The news cycle has recently brought stories of poor and dangerous working conditions, and even suicides in Foxconn plants. Still, the lines outside an employment agency yesterday in the Chinese city of Zhengzhou illustrate how easy Foxconn still finds it to hire workers.

Foxconn has recently moved to build five new factories in China and Brazil to build iPhones, and is doubling its workforce in Zhengzhou. That's why thousands of young people lined up for hours on Monday. Foxconn could be on the way to adding 100,000 more workers in China, and a similar number in Brazil. The salary most new hires in Zhengzhou can expect is about $261 per month, with a raise to $379-506 later.

Foxconn workers live in dormitory-style housing, and meals are provided as part of the salary. It’s not easy work, but as the lines show, it’s better than nothing for many. As consumers demand lower prices on mobile technology, this pattern can only continue, though.

Image via MicGadget

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