New Firefox Extension Bypasses Government Domain Seizures

Ryan Whitwam

The seizure of file-sharing domain names by US authorities has been a hot button issue for the last few months, and the practice is not expected to stop any time soon. Taking away site's domain name is a blow to be sure, but many sites just set up shop at another address. A new Firefox extension aims to make the process easier, and poke at the copyright police at the same time.

MAFIAA Fire was officially published to the Firefox Add-on gallery today, and will be ported to Chrome soon. This extension will be used to maintain a list of seized domains and automatically reroute users to the new web address if one has been set up. Webmasters are being encouraged to register alternate domains ahead of time in anticipation of eventual seizure.

The developers of the add-on have stated they will be working on additional extensions and plug-ins soon. MAFIAA Fire will be open sourced in the coming days, so expect variants of it to start popping up. The extension is available from the Mozilla site .

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