New Far Cry 3 Trailer Is A Very Special Brand of Insane

Maximum PC Staff

And by special, we mean magical jelly beans! That's what those are, right? Certainly not small objects of a more hallucinogenic and sinister nature. Goodness, no. Why, next thing you know, they'll be putting knives and guns and knifeguns in these things. But that'd just be-- oh. Oh gracious. Did he just stab that man in the... What about his family? Who will make payments on their home? ...Which just exploded. But look, hang-gliding! Isn't that nice? So, to conclude, Far Cry 3 is about jelly beans and hang-gliding and paying off loans on time with no complications. Yep. That's it. Check out the full trailer after the break. Click gently, though. The trailer's a docile creature. Don't want to frighten it.

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