New Dell Server Warranty Offers Protection Against High Temperatures

Brad Chacos

Being computer geeks, most of our wants and wishes skew towards things with processors and AMOLED displays. In this hot almost-August sun, we find ourselves wishing for something a little more simple – a nice, cool breeze. Not for us, but for all the poor fresh air-cooled servers around the country. Traditional thinking says hot winds and hot servers make for a melt-down margarita, but Dell's offering a warranty that guarantees its servers and storage devices can withstand the scorching summer heat.

Fresh air cooling draws in and filters outside air to keep servers cool. It's more energy-efficient than using traditional large-scale chillers, but high outside temperatures make it difficult to keep the heat regulated in the summer.

Enter Dell. The company announced today that it will warranty its two-socket 1U, 2U and tower servers to run for 900 hours per year at 104 degrees and 90 hours per year at 113 degrees (most US locations never see 90 hours of 113 degree heat over the course of a year). The change in warranty doesn't reflect a change in design, Computerworld reports ; Dell's servers have been able to handle those temperatures for a while now, but the company's simply never certified them for use over 96 degrees.

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