New "Crestron Connected" Initiative Brings Plug-And-Play Cloud Control To Home Theater

Brad Chacos

Who needs a universal remote? Actually, we do – juggling receiver, TV, Xbox 360 and Blu-ray player controllers is a pain in the ass – but if a company called Crestron has its way, universal remotes may just become a thing of the past. The company is working with consumer electronics manufacturers to roll out its newly announced “Crestron Connected” standard, which allows users to monitor and control their Creston Connected devices from anywhere in the world using a web-based interface.

Creston’s targeting home theater products like Blu-ray players and HDTVs for its new control platform. Creston Connected devices will have Ethernet ports for quick n’ easy network integration – no word on Wi-Fi capabilities, however. All Creston Connected devices will also be fully plug and play with automatic setup. Controlling and managing your devices requires the company’s Fusion RV software, which is available for iOS and Android as well as traditional PCs.

"We need to evolve from a traditional hardwired, centralized control scheme to a distributed, cloud-based architecture," VP Fred Bargetzi said in the company’s press release. "Crestron Connected is an important first step toward enabling different products to talk together to create smarter homes and buildings. This new technology allows for easy, fast, and affordable implementation regardless of the size and complexity of your environment."

If it ends up being widely adopted, Creston Connected could wind up eliminating the need to have dozens of different home control apps for your various electronics and services. Whaddaya say – is Creston Connected intriguing?

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