New Chrome Version Adds Extensions, Bookmark Sync

Maximum PC Staff

It’s interesting to watch product development in the raw. Google’s Chrome is just a basic browser. But the underlying technology allows for so much more. Once Google gets Chrome stable it pushes Chrome forward, opening up new features that make it more useful--all of which we get to watch in real-time. Two new features, which appear in the newest stable Windows version of Chrome, are extensions and bookmark synchronization .

Extensions aren’t really new, for Chrome or any other browser. But, Google has moved them out of their beta stage and into the release version. Extensions add versatility to Chrome, allowing easy access to favorite web applications, or streamline common online tasks, such as getting directions or browsing photos. Google says there are now over 1,500 extensions available , ranging from AdThwart to Chromed Bird (for Twitter) to Google Mail Checker.

Bookmark synchronization isn’t a new concept either, but a free version is. Google has built in the option for those with Google accounts . Each computer you use can be set up for near instantaneous syncing of bookmarks, regardless of which computer a bookmark is created on. It’s a simple matter of turning on the sync bookmark preference and letting the “magic” happen.

Not on Windows? Google says that extensions for Linux are in enabled on the beta channel. Mac users, however, are going to have to cool their heels--Google is still working to implement them in the Mac beta.

Image Credit: Google

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