New Chrome Beta Pre-Loads Web Pages

Ryan Whitwam

Google’s Chrome browser has had a feature for the last few months that pre-loads web pages when you are searching on Google. Now that feature has been expanded in the new Chrome beta to include pages typed into the omnibox. Sites that Chrome auto-completes will load in the background before you press enter. The result is what appears to be blisteringly-fast page loads.

Pages are not actually loading faster, of course. It’s just a subtle psychological trick that hides most of the loading from the user until they are expecting to see the browser spring into action. Google and users have the same interests in the ever increasing speed of Chrome. Google wants us to see more pages, and thus more ads. Users just don’t want to wait around for pages to load. It’s a go, go world these days.

The new Chrome beta also added a new security measure that will scan downloaded EXE and MSI files to determine if they are known threats. Users will be alerted if things seem fishy. Faster and more secure; can’t argue with that. The new beta should be installed automatically for those on the beta channel.

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