New Chrome Beta Launches with Built-In Translation

Maximum PC Staff

Beta watching is so much fun. For those in on the hunt, you can check off a sighting of a new beta version of Google Chrome . This new variant on the species is particularly interesting, as it allows easier navigation of a multi-lingual web.

Google explains: “When the language of the webpage you're viewing is different from your preferred language setting, Chrome will display a prompt asking if you'd like the page to be translated for you using Google Translate.” Google readily admits that the translations may not be perfect, but they should be good enough for a user to get the gist of what a web page is about.

This is nothing new--there have long been translations options available on the Internet, for particular passages or entire web pages. What Google has done is make the process more convenient. Rather than hunt down a translation option, Google presents you with one--and starts you off by guessing the original language, which it offers to translate into your preferred language.

While there are arguments to be made that these translations don’t do justice to the original text, it’s better than nothing. And it might prove useful for pushing users into new areas of the Internet, where they can experience the cultures that accompany these other languages.

Also new in this beta are updated privacy features. Besides Chrome’s incognito mode, a new “Privacy” section appears in Chome’s Options dialog allowing quicker, easier access to privacy settings.

The new Chrome beta is now available . It requires Windows Vista or XP (SP2+). Sorry Mac and Linux users, you’ll still have to do translations the old fashioned way.

Image Credit: Google

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