New Browser Benchmarking Tool Focuses on Mobile Browsers


Rightware has just released a benchmark tool the company claims is designed to measure browser performance of mobile and embedded devices. Wondering who Rightware is? A group of engineers and graphics designers from Futuremark's Mobile and Embedded business unit formed their own company in December 2009 and a month later purchased their old division from Futuremark.

History lesson out of the way, Rightware's BrowserMark runs a series of tests that zero in on JavaScript functionality. JavaScript has become an area of increased focus in Web design, and as a result browser makers spend a lot of time tweaking their rendering engines for improved JavaScript performance.

BrowserMark is entirely browser based so you can fire up the different available browsers on your swank new smartphone and see which one scores the highest. We gave the free version a whirl on a rooted G1 running Super D firmware and an iPad and came up with the following scores:

  • Stock: 6067
  • Dolphin: 6381
  • Opera Mini 5 Beta: Would not run
  • iPad: 39,506

BrowserMark gives you the option of comparing your scores to other mobile devices when you're finished so you can feel crummy about your smartphone's performance, unless you own a Nexus One, which apparently is capable of scoring over 23K.

Give it a run by navigating to and post your scores below.

Image Credit: Rightware

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