New Beta of Panda Cloud Antivirus Available, Bug Hunters Wanted (and Potentially Compensated)

Paul Lilly

Panda Security wants people to try out its new Panda Cloud Antivirus Beta (version 1.9), and to encourage users to give it a spin, the outfit plans to award ten $100 gift certificates to the most active beta beta testers, as well as free license for the Pro version. That means it's essentially a race to root out the most bugs and report them to Panda, which will presumably squash them before going live with the final version.

The 1.9 beta version includes all the features found in the Pro version, including behavior analysis, USB vaccination, and automatic, transparent upgrades to future releases. But what Panda's most interested in is how well its new interception of networking traffic works. Panda plans to use this to build cloud-based firewall functionality in future versions.

Other new features include a processor monitor, ability to block a process by sending it to the Recycle Bin (these can be restored), ability to disable/enable BackgroundScan after signature cache synchronization, ability to exclude file extensions from the on-access scanner, exclusion of Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) detections, a new graphical installer, and a new toolbar without ID Protect & Shopping and with Toolbar Cleaner.

Panda Cloud Antivirus 1.9 Beta Download

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