New ASRock HTPCs Leak with Sandy Bridge CPUs

Ryan Whitwam

The original ASRock Vision 3D is acknowledged to be one of the best small form factor HTPCs available. It was a reasonably specced machine for its time, but a page was recently discovered on the ASRock site that points to the second generation Vision with spiffy new Intel Sandy Bridge CPUs .

The machine will be packing a 1GB GeForce GT540M GPU, HDMI-out, a Blu-Ray drive, USB 3.0, and of course support for Nvidia 3D Vision technology. The new unit will offer configurations with the full range of Sandy Bridge parts; Core i3, i5, and i7 will all be available.

This is hardly a complete overhaul of the Vision 3D line, but the Sandy Bridge parts should give these machines a little extra speed to push all those bits around. No pricing or release date was listed on the ASRock page, but it can’t be long now.

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