New ARM Chip Design to Support Virtualization

Pulkit Chandna

ARM may be comfortably placed in the mobile chip market, but the company is unwilling to rest on its laurels. In recent times, ARM has time and again underlined its interest in the server market. The company hopes to make a dent in the low-power server market with a new chip design that features both virtualization and large physical address support . The next generation of its Cortex-A processor, the Eagle, will be the first to utilize the two key instruction-set extensions that the UK-based chip designer announced at the Hot Chips conference today.

"It's the natural progression of the ARM architecture to move into this domain," said David Brash, ARM's architecture program manager. "We think that that are going to be places for low-power servers, but also new cases." A slide Brash presented at the conference revealed that some of the leading names in the field of server virtualization have already begun developing hypervisor software for the chip design, which is “very close” to being released.

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