New API Liberates Google Sites

Pulkit Chandna

Google on Thursday announced the release of a new API for its Sites tool, an online drag-and-drop solution for building internal websites. The new application programming interface (API) enhances the overall ease of moving data to and from Google Sites.

The API follows days after Google announced a romantically named initiative, called Data Liberation Front, aimed at offering greater data portability to those that use its services (Che Guevara could not head the initiative due to his premature demise). With the new Sites API, businesses can update Google Sites from third-party applications, easily move data to and from Sites, and edit their Sites pages offline.

If your business does not possess the right men to build apps based on the API, or if they are too indolent to engage in anything other than social networking, you can always use apps built by other companies.

Images Credit: Google Sites

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