New Anti-Rickroll Add-On Shows Up Way Too Late

Paul Lilly

We imagine getting Rickrolled would be just as annoying today as it ever was, only we wouldn't know because hardly anyone is lame enough to keep this prank going. But hey, if you do happen to fraternize with idiots who still get a kick out of Rickrolling, there's a new Firefox add-on that may help.

At this point, we can't even call it fashionably late to the party, it's just plain late. But whatever, "RickRemoval" version 1.0 promises to thwart Rickrolling attempts by cross-referencing every site you visit against a database of over 200 known Rickroll pages.

There's also a second layer of protection applied to YouTube destinations. The add-on scours the video page looking for any suspicious keywords, and if it finds too many warning signs, it won't load the page.

Sound like something you need? Then find a new group of friends. Barring that, you can grab the add-on here .

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