New Android Music App Leaks

Ryan Whitwam

The music app on Android has been an embarrassment since the platform launched back in 2008. But thanks to a recent leak , we're getting a gander at Google's new music app for phones complete with cloud syncing. A developer version of the Android Market app miraculously showed up on a handful of phones, and allowed access to the new app. You can grab a copy , but it will overwrite your current Music app and may not work, so be warned.

The new music application has a similar feel to the version that debuted in Honeycomb. It has the same aesthetic as the 3D Gallery app, and there is an album view very reminiscent of Coverflow. The real show is in the settings menu where we see settings for Google's still to be announced Music service. There are options for caching, downloading and streaming in the app.

It was nearly a year ago at Google I/O 2010 that we saw the service demoed alongside an early version of this app. We can only assume that licensing has held up the deployment. This might be why Amazon decided to proceed without music industry blessing and deploy their cloud music service.

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