New Android App Helps You Spot SOPA-Supporting Products

Ryan Whitwam

Up in arms about the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA)? Well, you’re not even close to alone, and a new Android app can help the more passive opponents do their part to express their rage. The Boycott SOPA app allows users to leverage their phone’s camera to make sure they aren’t buying any products that come from companies supporting SOPA.

Other barcode scanning apps just tell you how much a product is selling for online, but Boycott SOPA measures something different . Just scan a barcode, and Boycott SOPA reaches out to its product database and lets you know whether or not the item comes from a company that supports the bill. If the answer is ‘yes,’ the app will pop up a warning that the item is “intimately related to a SOPA supporting company.”

There is a history screen with a list of all your analyzed products with an icon reminding you how it fared. This might not stop Congress from  making SOPA or Protect IP law, but you can at least put a little hurt on those who don’t stand for the stability and freedom of the Internet.

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